My 8 Favorite DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for Knitters, Sewists, and Makers

My 8 Favorite DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for Knitters, Sewists, and Makers

It's that time of year already! Time to jump into Christmas gift getting and giving. 

I wish I could tell you that I'm one of those makers (or even shoppers) that is crazy on top of my gift-giving, and that I already have all of my gifts made/bought. 

But I'm not.

Every year I resolve to be, and every year the holidays sneak up on me. 

But, what are you going to do?

That doesn't mean it's too late for the making portion of Christmas!

And to prove it, here are some of my favorite DIY gift ideas, that you can still make before the big day.

8 DIY gift Ideas for Knitters, Sewists, and Makers - Peonies and Cream

String art is such an easy and fun gift idea, with so many possibilities! I made one as a gift for my FIL for Father's Day. The best thing about this is they are completely customizable - size, background finish, image, and string colors. You can really do whatever you can imagine! And since they are a wall or display piece, your lucky recipient will always have a reminder of you. Plus, they make great conversational pieces. This tutorial is super easy with minimal required supplies. These come together really easily. You could even do a Christmas themed one that can be used as decor for the following season. 

Knit (or Crochet) washcloths and handmade soap

What is more luxurious and pampering than handmade soaps? A beautifully knit washcloth to use it with. I have to admit, this idea wasn't originally mine, I heard about it on the Knitmore Girl's podcast and thought it sounded amazing. 

Here's a beautiful washcloth pattern from Nourish and Nestle that looks really fun to knit. 

And Happiness is Homemade has a Milk and Honey soap recipe that she promises only takes 10 minutes of work. How can you beat that?

Lavender Vanilla Salt Scrub

On the same pampering note, this salt scrub recipe from Building our Story looks too divine to not try. I know sugar or salt scrubs are an easy way to pamper myself, and this recipe looks like a great place to start! This would be a fun and easy recipe to play around with your scents as well. Just be careful when using essential oils that they are therapeutic grade and the individual oils are safe for skin contact.

Handmade Heating Pads or Rice Packs

I know so many people that are always freezing in the winter time (and Christmas is in the winter, duh) that these handmade heating pads seem like an amazingly thoughtful and cozy gift (Hygge anyone?). Sew4Home has an incredibly detailed tutorial for making these heating pads. And they are so quick and easy, you might as well make one for yourself too ;) I have one of these I made myself a long time ago, and it is truly invaluable. No matter if I am using it for a sore back or neck, or simply to warm my feet (apparently using my husbands back is frowned upon). This might not seem like a very complex or exciting gift, but trust me, especially for a friend or family member that doesn't sew (and therefore wouldn't just make one for themselves like I know you would) this is one where the thought (and effort) really do count.

Bowl cozy

This next one is such a good idea, that I've been dying to make myself some for a few months now. I'm sure if you are like me, you have a collection of glass and ceramic bowls that you love to use except when they almost burn your fingers off in the microwave. These bowl cozies are just the thing for that! They are really simple to make and don't require a lot of fabric. Karen from Syzygy of Me shared how to make them on 2 Little Hooligans. Don't think this gift is enough by itself? Gift it with a ceramic or glass soup bowl and a mix or recipe for your favorite soup! What's better than warm soup in the winter? Not much my friend, not much. 

Needle Book

If you have any friends that are quilters, sewists, embroiderers, cross-stitchers etc. you might know they can be particularly hard to buy for. It seems they get themselves whatever tools they really want or need, and make everything else! But this gift is something that they might not think of or take the time to make for themselves. And you already know they LOVE handmade. Plus, there are so many styles and ways to customize that you will absolutely love making them too. Sew She Sews has a great tutorial for this needle book, and there are plenty more tutorials, patterns, and ideas all over the web (trust me, I've looked). You can choose the layouts, size, fabrics, and what specialty tool holders to include. Plus you can embroider a special design or add a little label. I promise your friend will think of you everytime they pull it out to use it! 

Eye Sachet

Now rice bags are pretty well known in most households, but I find that eye sachets are much less common. However, I have one I made a long time ago (it was my first project on my sewing machine now that I think of it) and I absolutely love it. The cool weight is so relaxing if I'm feeling anxious, restless, or just having a hard time getting to sleep. Plus, they are incredibly soothing for headaches and migraines. The pressure is just enough over your sinuses and eyes that I can really see a big difference if I'm resting or trying to sleep off a headache. Sadie Seasongoods has a great and easy tutorial for making these out of silk neckties, which just screams luxury. Or use any cotton blend for a soft and breathable style. If you are gifting to someone that tends to get headaches or migraines, I suggest using essential oils that are known to help alleviate these such as peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus, and rosemary. For rest and relaxation try lavender, vetiver, chamomile, frankincense, wild orange, cedarwood, ylang-ylang, or sandalwood. 

What are your favorite DIY gifts to give?

Let me know in the comments below! Or, tag me in an Instagram post with @Peoniesandcream or #Peoniesandcream.

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